We sell and distribute Quality Mirrors nationally. Our mirrors whether standard or custom designed are sure to add beauty and make your area feel more spacious.

1/4″ thick clear mirror with 1″ beveled edge. Hooks bonded to back of mirror – hardware included. No unsightly wood or exposed J-Hooks. Why our frameless mirrors are better:

  • Clean lines – frameless mirrors complement every decors
  • Simple solutions – no need to select frame styles and colors
  • Never dated looking – without a frame, the look is timeless
  • Add light and space – frameless mirrors “open up” a room
  • A variety of shapes – for the upmost design flexibility
  • A range of sizes – for the perfect fit in any space
  • Easy care – just wipe with a soft cloth and glass cleaner
Round Frameless Mirror
Sure it’s natural for the bathroom, but a round fits in just about anywhere.
Item #201-18 202-24 203-30 204-36 205-42 Size18″ Round 24″ Round 30″ Round 36″ Round 42″ Round
Oval Frameless Mirror
Classic and always elegant, you can hang the oval horizontally or vertically.
Item #206-2230 207-2436 208-2448 Size22″x30″ Oval 24″x36″ Oval 24″x48″ Oval
Arch Frameless Mirror
Sophisticated in its simplicity, and even better grouped together over a sofa or table.
Item #217-1830 218-1836 Size18″x30″ Arch 18″x36″ Arch
Regal Frameless Mirror
A fresh spin. Without a frame, the style comes into the 21st century.
Item #223-2232 224-2436 Size22″x32″ Regal 24″x36″ Regal
Bristol Frameless Mirror
By itself, or grouped together over a console table or buffet for a great look.
Item #225-2032 226-2040 Size20″x32″ Bristol 20″x40″ Bristol
Octagond Frameless Mirror
When the usual just won’t do, the octagon makes a creative difference.
Item #219-2030 220-2436 Size20″x30″ Octagon 24″x36″ Octagon
Scallop Frameless Mirror
Go for a unique perspective with the look of the scallop. Note: 24″ x 30″ hang vertically.
Item #221-3030 222-2436 Size30″x30″x Scallop 24″x36″ Scallop
Westminster Frameless Mirror
An innovative way to make the traditional look more contemporary.
Item #227-2230 228-2436 Size22″x30″ Westminster 24″x36″ Westminster
Square Frameless Mirror with 1″ radius corner
Keep it simple, but still make an impact with a square… or two or three.
Item #209-18 210-24 211-30 212-36 Size18″ Square 24″ Square 30″ Square 36″ Square
Rectangle Frameless Mirror with 1″ radius corner
The hallway mirror redesigned. Hang horizontally or vertically.
Item #213-1840 214-2030 215-2436 216-3040 Size18″x40″ Rectangle 20″x30″ Rectangle 24″x36″ Rectangle 30″x40″ Rectangle
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